Pool Fund Scheme

This scheme is open to any member with a fairly large sum of money who wishes to fix the fund for periods not less than 30 days. The scheme has a joint benefit to both the applicant as well as the cooperative society. The applicant enjoys a higher rate than would otherwise have applied to his/her fund were it to be solely negotiated with any credible finance house. This is also a source of fund to the Co-operative to run her daily operations.

The rates of interest that shall apply to the funds deposit under this scheme shall be as agreed by the management committee and shall be reviewed quarterly in line with applicable rates in Nigeria money market.

The following rules shall apply to the operations of this scheme:

  1. Depositors shall have opportunity to roll over their deposit with or without interest at the current interest rates published on the web page.
  2. Termination of term deposit before due date shall attract a deduction of 100% from the accrued interest on the deposit for the period under consideration.

For further detail contact: 08023613115 Mercy Edeogho (mercy.edeogho@coopeastngr.com)

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