The Shell East Staff Investment Cooperative Society Ltd (CoopEast) is a cooperative society registered with the Directorate of Cooperatives, Rivers State Ministry of Commerce, providing thrift and loan services to its members who are employees & retirees of Shell Companies in Nigeria. It also seeks to improve its members' welfare through other services such as commodity sales, housing schemes, trade fairs/exhibitions, etc.

As a cooperative society, CoopEast seeks to conduct its business profitably while also looking into the welfare of its members. The members have access to loan facility, enjoy the interest on savings, dividend on shares and the privilege of being elected into any management committee position.

Vision & Objectives

To become a leading investment cooperative society that raises the living standards of the people by serving their economic interests with integrity and professionalism of high order.

The objectives of the Society are not limited to the following:-

  1. To encourage regular savings amongst members so that each member may cultivate the habit of making savings at least once in every one month, with a view to build up funds for his/her future use.
  2. To encourage fixed deposits from members out of which a fund may be established for giving short-term loans to members and non-members.
  3. To stock consumers and producers goods for distribution to members and non-members.
  4. To undertake, where practicable, the production or manufacture of such consumers-or/and producers goods for distribution to members and non-members.
  5. To acquire movable and immovable properties of any description either as assets of the Society or for distribution, supply or sale to members.
  6. To engage in any other economic or social activity as may be approved by the general meeting of the members.
  7. To raise capital and do such other things as are necessary for the attainment of these objects.
  8. To affiliate with such Secondary or Apex Co-operative Societies as may encourage and promote the above objectives.
  9. To promote Cooperative spirit among the members, to work for the improvement of local educational and living standards and to encourage the development of Cooperative Movement in Rivers State of Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole.

Housing & Properties

Varieties of Real Estate investments to choose from: (or choose something classic)

Loan Portfolio

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SPY Police - NGO2
Associate - NG003
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